LiquiTec - Filter Cloths

BWF Envirotec has been a leader in the development of unique felts for liquid filtration with variable permeability’s and efficiencies, smooth surfaces for cake release and special treatments to improve overall performance. For an analysis as to which BWF Envirotec product might meet your needs in liquid filtration, contact your field sales engineer or simply request a quote through this website.

LiquiTec - Filter Cloths

Liquid processing equipment, unlike dust collectors, comes in many shapes, sizes, designs and methods of separating solids from a liquid. The major types of equipment, their design and their filter cloths are discussed in 5 major sections:

  • Press Filters
  • Disc Filters
  • Pressure Leaf Filters
  • Belt Filters
  • Drum Filters

In addition there are tray filters, tilting pan filters, vessel filters, candle filters, molded or pleated filters, all handling everything from phosphoric acid to swimming pool water. Many of those filters do not use conventional woven or felted media and are not discussed in depth.

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