Filter Bags

Filter Bags for Immediate Installation in your Dust Collector

Tailor-made filter media made of needlona®-needle felt offer process safety in your dust collector. We provide ready –to-install filter media in a variety of different sizes, lengths and shapes. They are available in various top and bottom versions, with welded and stitched seams.

The range includes:

                          - Filter bags
                          - Filter Cloths
                          - Cartridge filters
                          - Filter pockets
                          - Pleated filter elements

Ready-to-install needlona®-filter media are suitable for all common cleaning systems regardless whether they are

                          - Pulse Jet Bottom Loader
                          - Pulse Jet Top Loader
                          - Reverse-air
                          - Shaker filter
                          - Envelope Bags

or other systems.

Provided the dust collector is operated under optimal conditions, the filter media can achieve a long operational life with dust emission levels that are often far below the legally prescribed limits.