Pyrotex® KE

Innovative filters to meet challenges in hot gas filtration

Pyrotex® KE can withstand high temperatures up to 1560°F (850°C) and ensure efficient dedusting in your dust collector. They are 100 % spark-repellent and non-flammable - at peak temperatures of 1830°F (1000°C).

V-shaped collar or T-shaped collar - full flexibility for head plate design

Pyrotex® KE offer the following benefits

  • permanent temperature resistance up to 1560°F (850°C)
  • peak temperature resistance up to 1830°F (1000°C)
  • emission values of 0.00045 gr/dscfm (< 1 mg/Nm³)
  • non-flammable
  • 100 % spark-resistant
  • extremely lightweight
  • high air permeability
  • outstanding chemical resistance
  • version with V-shaped collar or T-shaped collar
  • harmless to health - installation can be carried out without protective clothing
  • bio-soluble
  • for new systems and retrofits
  • easy and quick installation and removal

The special extra:

  • all versions available with and without catalyst  KAT - for optimum NOx control
  • available in a length of up to 177.17" (4,5 m)

Optimal filtration results and lowest emission levels are achieved by

  • high air permeability guaranteeing low differential pressure 
  • 100 % surface-oriented filtration resulting in ultra-low particle emission