Finish for Sparks

Especially in metallurgical processes, hot, sometimes burning particles come into contact with the needle felt. The product lines FireGuard, PyroGuard and BlockGuard protect the filter media from these dusts.

Surface image: with FireGuard treated needle felt

FireGuard is a high-tech p-aramide surface finish. It increases the resistance of the needle felt to flying sparks. FireGuard also offers excellent resistance to abrasion and mechanical wear. 

  • Protection from flying sparks 
  • Thermally resistant even at high contact temperatures 
  • Extended operational life



Areas of application: e.g. in the metalworking industry and in the non-ferrous metal industry 

Cross-sectional image: with BlockGuard treated needle felt

BlockGuard consists of a layer of spark resistant Preox-Fibres. It is mainly used on Polyester-needle felt and offers a solution for occasional sparks in the raw gas stream of the dust collector.  

    Benefits at a glance:
  • Basic protection from occasional sparks 
  • Very good price-/performance ratio 
  • Excellent pressure loss 

Areas of application: in particular for dedusting in the metalworking industry and non-ferrous metal industry