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Baghouse Services

Baghouse Services

Baghouse (dust collector) maintenance is usually a hot, dirty, difficult and sometimes dangerous job. An improperly operating collector can be a production bottleneck, a hazard and/or an environmental problem for its owners.

Many companies today do not have the staff, the expertise or the time to devote to proper dust collector maintenance. BWF Envirotec Environmental Services is committed to being your company's one stop shop for dust collector maintenance. Our mobile field team is always ready to tackle any job with superior service and unmatched quality. Our on-site agents are professionals at generating solutions to potentially hazardous and costly problems that plague your company's baghouse.

Basic Leak Test Inspection – leak test, tube sheet layout, failed bag chart, cage sheet and lab analysis.

30-Step Inspection – 30-step checklist, leak test, tube sheet layout, failed bag chart, cage sheet and lab analysis.

Filter Bag Change-Out Service – Remove existing bags and install new bags.

Baghouse Refurbishments, Modifications and Conversions – Repairing or replacing tube sheets, cleaning systems, dampers, hoppers, access doors, material handling systems, housings, corrosion abatement and coatings.

Life Assessment Inspection – 30-Step Inspections, UT readings, Airflow Analysis with process review inspection.

*Cost of services are dependent on project scope and mobilization.

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