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As the only Pro-Active Dust Collection Management Company in the filtration market today, BWF Envirotec Environmental Services has the international resources, application experience and advanced filter media technology to handle any dust filtration issue.

Over the last 25 years, we have continually offered our dust filtration clients meaningful alternatives to commodity dust bags and baghouse maintenance services. In pursuit of this core objective, we have developed several key services, which packaged together, positions BWF Envirotec Environmental Services as the leader in offering Pro-Active Dust Collection Management Services. This includes solving your dust collector problems, doing repairs and maintenance, and providing performance improvement modifications.


This Pro-Active and client-oriented philosophy allows BWF Envirotec Environmental Services to develop meaningful partnerships leading to the management of your environmental control systems. You can combine these services as you see fit or simply call BWF Envirotec Environmental Services and allow us to walk you through the process together. Simply – we want you to focus on your core business activities and allow BWF Envirotec Environmental Services to handle the burden of managing your dust control systems.
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