Pyrotex® KE Candle Elements
in High-Temperature Dedusting

Textile filter media made of synthetic fibres and scrims reach their performance limits due to limited temperature resistance and therefore present a danger of flammability at temperatures above 536°F. Our Pyrotex® KE candle elements guarantee the best filtration results even under demanding temperature conditions up to 1202°C.

Typical Operating Conditions:

Cont. Temperature (°F): 1202°F
Peak Temperature (°F): 1562-1832°F
Dust: Fly ash, pyrophoric dusts, radioactive polluted dust
Dust Properties: Flammable, fine
Dust Source: Dryers, blast furnaces, furnaces, gas firing plants
Harmful Gases: CnHm, HCl, HF, H2O, NOx, SOx,
Cleaning Process: Pulse jet
Fuels: Bio mass, coal, gas, oil, secondary fuels, waste

Pyrotex® KE candle elements are used in various dedusting processes

  • Incinerators for bio mass, coal or waste
  • Wood gasification
  • Glas melting
  • Separation of pyrophoric dusts
  • Separation of radioactive material
  • Separation of calcium carbide
  • Applications in the chemical industry